Functional Description

The Public Domain Calculator software showcased on this website is a EuropeanaConnect research project executed by Knowledgeland. It builds a simple interface on the complex research done by the IViR.

The Public Domain Calculator is written in Java using Google WebToolkit (GWT) according to the guidelines of EuropeanaLabs. This enables its simple integration in other Java projects, as well as easy deployment as a rich Internet application.

The Software is designed to present an interface to flowcharts using a Graphical User Interface. This developed into the button-based calculator that can be found on this website. An extension to the data model is developed to include the ability to automatically run a flowchart using a data package. To display the possibility of this mode of the calculator a GUI is developed to showcase that (automatic calculator). The intermediary mode (form-based calculator) benefits from the more extensive data model with a user oriented GUI.